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Friday, May 2, 2014

Floral chic: Iro and buba (tulip style)

Iro(Ee-roe) and buba(boo-bah
New fashion trend for young Nigerian ladies is the Knotted Iro(tulip style wrapper) and buba(top). This new style of wearing the 2 piece outfit has made iro and buba very common among the young ladies. The outfit can be custom made with any fabric but most commonly used fabrics are silk, chiffon and lace.

I was so into this outfit. I was feeling the red carpet too.
I decided to wear hot pink two strap sandals with the outfit to complement the bright colors.

Outfit details: 
  • Top and wrapper - I bought the material from a fabric store and my tailor custom made it.
  • Shoes - Macy's (Brand - Calvin Klein )
  • Gold accessories from my closet, bought some time back. 
As always, your comments and shares are welcome :).
Also let me know if you want me to make a post about how to tie it.


  1. That fabric is such a stunning pattern. I am so happy you made a wrap-style dress out of it. The length and style of the skirt plus the fitted bodice are perfect for your body.

    Welcome by and linkup tomorrow. Thanks Osy.


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