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Let Your Fashion Style Get You A Round Trip FIRST CLASS Airline Ticket

What if I told you that you can get a FIRST CLASS ticket with 300 likes? Stay tuned.

First, let me show you some places that you can go to experience even more fashion.
Here is a few of my favorite places in the world – my to-visit list à
First on the list is Milan, Italy 

Next up is Amsterdam, Netherlands 
Then I have Paris, oh Paris, France J
And finally Los Angeles, United States (which I will be visiting in July, yaaaay)
New York City would have been on this list but I live here so that is already crossed off. New York City would have been number 1. I know it is on so many people’s list so I will still share some beautiful pictures here (pics)
As I would love an opportunity to travel the world and experience different cultures and fashion, I would love it even more if I have the chance to travel first class, say what? Yes, First Class.

Yes, it is real - 1stClass Fashion makes it possible and you can get a chance too. All you have to do is register on the website, upload a picture and get your friends to like the picture; 300 likes later and you are ready to pack your bags for you next adventure. Every month, up to 10 first class fashionistas that have 300 likes get a first class round trip ticket.

Here is my entry, support me and like my picture. And as always, please share your comments and this post. This time, add a link to your picture on !st Class Fashion so that I can support you too by liking your picture.

XOXO, love Osy.
Images are from Ist Class Fashion, Google images and Wikipedia.

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