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#YASM2014LAX Ignite and Recharge

About two weeks ago (just before I traveled to Los Angeles) I made a post about the RCCGNA YASM convention and gave an introduction to what it is. If you missed it, you can just read it here.
So now the convention is over and I am here to tell you ALL about it. First, let me just say this is my favorite year so far and that is a good thing because then you know it can only get better.
 This was our home for 3 days (4 and a half days for me).The convention was held at Radisson Hotel at LAX.
The program started on Thursday with an outreach, which I missed because I had to be at the choir practice that afternoon.
The official opening service was held on Thursday evening. The program for the evening included the spiritual service and the worship concert. This year we were privileged to listen to Pastor Peter Balogun and Pastor James Fadele. Both pastors took their bible text from the book of Acts of the apostles chapter 2 verses 1 through 4. They both ministered on the theme "Ignite and Recharge". Both messages combined delivered powerful insight and awakening as to what is required of us as young adults for us to stay ignited and recharged.
Some key points from both messages are:
- We are to move from the level of just possessing information to the level of manifesting and exhibiting the power in the information we possess. To buttress this point, Pastor Peter referred to 2 kings 4: 18-35. 
- Pastor Fadele focused on one word: Passion. He said "Passion creates fire, it increases willpower, produces energy and generates a force to break through" and "Fire is needed for WAR - Witnessing, Arresting the opposition, and Resisting the devil."
For the worship concert, we were blessed by the anointed minister Cobham Asuquo. It was a very unique experience and if you follow me on instagram, you would have already seen the 16 second clip I posted.
So, the evening and the morning were the first day…(excuse me while i quote the words of the bible from the creation story i Genesis 1 - KJV)

Day 2
We started off with the singles prayer at 6 am and as expected, my lazy self got there late but thank God I didn't miss the whole session. We had zumba after the prayers.
Friday is the main variety day - everything happens on Friday: from questions and answers with the Chairman to relationship talk, breakout sessions according to gender and whether married or single, sports and eventually the highlight of the day for most people, the gala night. I am currently working on a post that will feature the gala night with as much details as possible, watch out for the post and the picture.

Day 3
The grand finale happens on this day. The spiritual sealing of all the blessings received the past two days and also the physical locking in on friendships and relationships built during the convention happens on this day. People get a final opportunity to network and take those phone numbers because they MIGHT not meet for another year.
Now i deliberately put the "MIGHT" in uppercase because things are changing in YASM and so we just might be meeting more than once a year… I know, exciting! So keep your ears and eyes open for more information on that. 
 YASM 2015 IS COMING and guess where we are going to… keep reading :)

There is so much more to share about this event than what i have written but i will let the pictures, videos and audio recordings show you the rest. You can visit RCCGNA-YASM TV on Facebook or RCCGNA YASM website. So for YASM 2015, we are going to D.C!!! Washington DC baby, road trip for me.
Now, i cannot end this post without giving a shout-out to the YASM choir! Follow them on instagram @YASCHOIR 
Photo credits to Christian Adetipe and Olu Seun, thanks guys.
And as always my dears, please leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.
Love, Osy

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