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ShoesDayTuesday Featuring Emjoi Micro-Pedi

Summer is fast approaching, although it might not look like it because of this cold Spring we have. I still choose to look beyond this cold and patiently wait for that summer heat. And while I am waiting, I am slowly putting my summer ideas together. So let me share my plan for my feet with you - 

Most of us know just five shoes are probably not enough, but if I could only have five, these are the 5 I want. With a collection like this, you will be ready for any event. 
I personally hardly ever wear cover toe or any shoe that covers my heel during summer, I stick with sandals and usually I wear the thinnest of straps (some linked below). The only reason the thin straps and the two straps aren't featured above is because they are probably in everyone's closet already, they have been a constant feature on the fashion scene for almost two years now.
So talking about thin straps and exposed feet brings me to the most important part of this post - care of the feet. This is certainly an all year-round routine for everyone (I hope lol) but when it comes to summer time, extra care is needed. This is where the Micro-Pedi Callus Remover by Emjoi comes in. 
It is an at-home pedicure device that delivers spa-standard care to your feet. It is battery operated and has unique rollers that spin quickly and at 360 degrees so you don't have to do the work of scrubbing.
I love that it comes with two different rollers, one for coarse, the other for extra coarse. So be sure to get one because you need that extra care to show off flawless feet and to correct the effects of the exposure to the harsh elements and dust your feet has to deal with in the summer.

Back to my shopping list, check out other picks below -

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Love, Osy
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  1. Love your choices and yes we must get the feet together before rocking sandals!

  2. Loving your choices! I always rush to get my feet together when it gets warm lol!



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