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Blogger Collabo: Casual In Fringe

Excited to be sharing a look I styled in collaboration with one of my blogger friends Louisa. This was a very fun look to create and it was interesting to see that we both came up with similar looks. The theme was to style a casual look with fringe. 

When I think casual, the first word that comes to me is "comfort"; and nothing is more comfortable and laid back than a casual tee. My plan was to create a look that shows a sporty chic: what I mean by that is with this outfit, you can be a girly girl and still have the presence of a tough, on the move athlete. I am not usually a sneakers-wearing type ( i am sure you can count how many times you've seen them here on one hand). And if I may confess, this pair ain't even mine but that is one of the blessings of being the same size as your mum (she is one stylish gym queen).
This can be worn to a variety of hangout events both indoors and outdoors this summer. I personally would wear this to cheer my friends at their soccer games or I can switch up the colors and wear it for a July 4th BBQ. 
Louisa is a Pharmacist and a super talented stylist, yeah not just a blogger. She is a shoe lover like myself but her collection is pure goals; if we wore the same size, I would have made a special visit to her closet in Alaska. I love how versatile she has made this adorable skirt look with the different looks she has created with it. Check out her BLOG for more photos and details on her look. And if you are a blogger or you are thinking about being one, she has great tips to get you started and help you grow.
So, I definitely have to talk about my hair - One of my summer resolutions is to be more hands on with my beauty skills that is, learn how to do a higher level makeup look - the contours and the highlights that shine through to the heavens lol; be more creative with how I style my hair and be more adventurous with my lip colors. So far, I have been very busy with summer classes and I haven't had much time to breath least of all work on any DIY but I got a short break over the weekend and I pulled out my extensions and decided to work on my hair and voila, here we are. Super proud chic right here lol. It is my first trial at goddess braids and I did way better than I  imagined.
Outfit details 
On me                                                                         On Louisa
Tee                                                                              Tee 
Skirt                                                                            Skirt
Shoes                                                                          Converse  
Choker                                                                        Necklace
Watch                                                                          Purse  

Visit Louisa on Instagram, Facebook and be sure to check out her Pinterest 
Thanks for visiting and please share your thoughts in the comments section below :)
Love, Osy
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  1. I had so much fun working on this blogger collaboration with you Osy! I love how we have a similar yet different interpretation of the casual in fringe theme :)


  2. Such a nice idea .
    I love the skirt on both of you .
    Looks really beautiful

  3. I'm a maniac for fringe and you gals are rocking it!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. Wow! Awesome fringe looks! And your braids are magnificent! I also love the little detail of your choker with this super cute outfit. You are definitely rocking it! Heading over to check out Louisa's blog now!

    Remember today is link up day On the Edge! Please stop by and join us.

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  5. Hey...I have my fringe skirt on the blog today!! Aren't they super fun?

  6. Love both of those skirts and both pairs of sneakers. You both look great - sporty yet edgy. Welcome by and linkup Osy. Thanks, Ada. =)

    Happy 4th of July weekend!

  7. Great collab. You two look amazing. I've been thinking of doing my hair like that but something (i don't know what) is holding me back.

  8. Love both of your skirts and how you styled them with kicks. Nice twist on the athleisure trend :)

  9. These are both super cute looks featuring fringe! I love that you both went with sneakers. :)

  10. Love the casual yet fun look! Your skirt is cute!
    DeeVine Anonyme

  11. I enjoyed the style of skirts! Wearing skirts is simply awesome for ladies, you can visit to and find some ideal collection than you have expected.


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