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Pepper Rice with Baked Mackerel and Corn

Happy New Month friends. 
Will this be me soon?
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We are almost through the first half of 2018 and I am very happy with how fast the time is going by. With each new day, each new week and each new month, I feel like I get another chance to hit reset and do things right or make the moves I have always wanted to make. I have so many pictures and posts drafts just sitting in a folder on my laptop unpublished because I am either not sure if I should take on that new venture or if I would be good enough. But, today June 1, 2018, I have decided to just take the plunge and see how it goes. No over thinking, no over criticising and no analyzing; just one post at a time.

So for my first post in this just-do-it era, I am sharing my lunch for the day. (Disclaimer: I am no food blogger and I am not here to share any fancy recipes, just pictures lol).
Spicy pepper rice with backed fish and corn on the cob
I made the rice with peppers (red bell and habanero), onions, tomatoes (all diced) and fish stock. I boiled the fish with a little salt, ground dry pepper and ginger for some flavor before popping it into the oven to be fully cooked and to dry it. Cooked the corn on the side with just a sprinkling of salt because I love the sweet & sour taste it gives the sweet corn. 
Total time for the meal was about an hour. 

(This is an exciting new path for me and I am just so excited to share even the little things that I love with you all. Please I am open to any tips, and constructive criticism even as I gradually expand the scope of this blog)

Thanks for visiting and please share your thoughts in the comments section below :)
Love, Osy
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