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The One Bra All Breastfeeding Moms Need

Hi friends,
... and a special shoutout to all moms reading this. I am so happy to finally be sharing this post with you and just like the title says, I will be talking about this amazing bra from Simple Wishes; its the Supermom Bra which is an all-in-one pumping and nursing bra that's super sexy and can be worn like a regular bra. 

Pumping is one of the least fun things to do as a new mom and I specially hated having to switch bras from my nursing bra to the regular handsfree bras (you know those bandeau style ones) as that just added work to the already no-fun activity. Imagine my joy when i came across this all-in-one bra by Simple Wishes and was gifted one to try out for review purposes. I had high hopes for the product and it delivered. Just look at me strutting like I didnt just finish nursing my baby and pumping just few minutes before these pictures were taken. 
And guess what... I had to nurse and pumping 2 hours after. But it was no hassle at all, thanks to this amazing bra that combines the best features of my favorite nursing, handsfree pumping, and super sexy bras. 
The bra has two clips, one for pumping and the other for nursing. 
The bottom clip snaps out and pulls the mesh overlay down to reveal a light padding underneath which is the part where you slide the pumping flanges through to get your pumping started while having your hands free to do anything else you want. The top clip snaps up to reveal the whole boob for nursing.
The bra comes in 3 beautiful colors - black, blush, snow leopard and all-over-lace. Check them out and you can pick up a couple for yourself or as a great baby shower gift for a friend. These bras are also available on Amazon
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Love, Osy
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  1. Thanks for linking up with me this week. I remember the days of nursing and pumping. Seems so long ago. That bra sounds great, really makes it more convenient.
    X, Julie |

  2. Great tips, lady- perfect for new moms! And you look so chic!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  3. Ah what a cool bra! I am done with the bf and pumping days but to the moms who still need it that is great!

  4. I remember when I was nursing that a bra like that was a must. Yellow is having a huge comeback all this year and I am loving it. Your skirt and sweater are beautiful and the two colors look fantastic, together!

    Welcome by every Thursday to link up with me on Thursday Moda. Thanks and Happy Sunday!

  5. That's a great design! I tried pumping for a couple of weeks and hated it! You look fantastic, I love the autumnal colours you're wearing. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

  6. What?! Where was this when I was pumping and nursing a few months ago!? Thanks for sharing! I'll be sure to let my other mom friends know about this!

  7. Oh what a great bra! I wish I has something like this when I was breastfeeding and pumping - I had to pump with both boys for various amounts of time, this would have come in so helpful!

    Loving that bright yellow knit on you too :)
    Hope that you have had a wonderful weekend! We went on our annual girls pre-Christmas shopping trip yesterday, finished buying all our Christmas gifts and had some fun together :)

    Away From The Blue Blog


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